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I.  Potential Boycott of HOLLISTER-STIER
Re:  The Feres Doctrine & Anthrax Inoculations

to expose the dangers of Sovereign Immunity

VERPA has been attempting to advocating reform or repeal of the "Feres Doctrine" to prevent continued abuses within the military's legal and medical systems under this body of law.  We believe, the present "anthrax" injustice provides us a way to explain what this doctrine is really all about.  

When we refer to human rights abuses we are speaking of administering an unproved drug into our loved ones which is know to cause serious injury or death.  The fact that it is politically motivated makes it a human right abuse.

When we refer to constitutional rights abuses we are speaking of servicemembers being wrongfully discharged for refusing the vaccination, wherein all the evidence points to the fact that the order to receive the shot is unlawful.

Overall, the federal courts' refusal to intervene in military decisions under the Feres ruling will allow for the continued destruction of American lives arising from intentional torts (wrongs), criminal negligence, and/or legal/medical malpractice issues.


June 11, 2001

        RE:      Pending Boycott

Dear Mr. Bonanzino:

As the founder of VEPRA and VERPAP, I would like to take a moment of your time.   I will be brief, as I know your time is money.  Before I proceed, I would like to provide you with a link to our organization for your review to understand who and what VERPA is all about.   

As you have probably been made aware of by your corporate attorneys, VEPRA's  President, Dale Van Luven, submitted a statement to your company placing it on notice, that if you proceed with the production of "anthrax" for the Department of Defense (DOD), we will initiate a nationwide boycott of your company and its products.

I have decided to submit one question to you Sir.  If you answer in the affirmative, VERPA will withdraw our plans to undertake this critical life and death boycott.  Would you be willing, along with all H-S Board of Directors and Officers, to inoculate yourselves with the vaccination to ensure all military personnel and their loved ones, your product is safe?

If for some reason you deny to answer the above stated question for the public record, VERPA, will simply assume the position that your company rather financially profit at the cost of  healthy servicemembers' lives.  Moreover, not only will the servicemembers' suffer, so too will their loved ones as is already the case among many families in our veterans' community.  We reasonably assume that your company will be "indemnified" in some way under contract with the DOD.  

As the official sponsor of the nationwide petition drive to reform or repeal the "Feres Doctrine," we believe in the "Supremacy Clause" under the United States Constitution.  One way or another, we will prevail in advocating the fact that the anthrax issue violates both human and constitutional rights of American citizens serving in the United States Armed Forces.   As General Washington stated at 1775, New York Legislature:  "When we assumed the Solider, we did not lay aside the Citizen."  

In the big picture, VERPA will argue in the public arena, that HOLLISTER-STIER's decision to proceed with the anthrax vaccine, is clearly more dangerous to our nation security than Sadaam Hussein could have ever dreamed possible.   As a matter of fact, the millions of taxpayers' dollars you stand to gain from producing the anthrax vaccine, could be better applied towards reinstatement of the UN inspections to destroy Iraq's ability to produce anthrax in the first place.  

In conclusion, we at VERPA along with many other veterans' organizations stand ready to play "hardball" if that is what needs to be done.   For a half-century, American veterans and our loved ones have been battered, abused, used and betrayed under the "Feres Doctrine."  We say no more!  Especially, when a civilian company will profit at the cost of our loved ones lives.

We are dedicated to protecting the human/constitutional rights of our brother and sister veterans and their loved ones.  The know-how, stamina, and ability of millions in the veterans' rights movement to negatively impact your company's profits will be achieved.   Remember, we have served in wars against foreign adversaries, HOLLISTER-STIER's Stockholders are no match!

I would ask you Mr. Bonanzino, on behalf of all our supporters that you do the right thing and refuse to produce the deadly anthrax vaccine.  The simple solution in of this is to notify the DOD to make the vaccine voluntary.  Hence, you can then proceed with a clear mind and soul that your product is being used with the "informed consent" of American patriots who understand that the inoculation is not an FDA approved drug.  

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey A. Trueman
Founder, VERPA

to expose the dangers of Sovereign Immunity

Vets Due Process, (Phil Cushman), has been heading the charge to expose the dangers of "sovereign immunity" and the ability for this man made law to allow taxpayers' monies to be expended in the defense of public officials whose acts, clearly point to misconduct or incompetence.  Sovereign Immunity might benefit the federal treasury,  however, it goes against the very meaning of the United States Constitution, "checks and balances" on power.

Our joint Plan of Action (POA) is to take this issue to public and private schools around the nation.   Our goal is clear.  Educate our youth and their parents of the untold dangers they face when they join the Armed Forces due to "sovereign immunity," which will lead to reforms in the DOD and VA.