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"Veterans For Equal Justice Under Law"         

Welcome to VERPA Publishing!


In July 2001, VERPA released its first title:  "Beyond the Scope of Justice:  The Chilling Effects of the Feres Doctrine in the United States Armed Forces."


"I have written Beyond the Scope of Justice to present to the American public and the millions of rank and file members in the active and reserve branches of the United States Armed Forces, the chilling effects of a devastating law entitled the Feres Doctrine.

In a nutshell, Feres allows for medical malpractice, abuse of power, and human rights abuses to go unchecked within the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

In this book I share my story showing how the Feres Doctrine allowed officials of the U.S. Military to violated their constitutional oaths and powers.

If one American can be destroyed by the military establishment without due process of law, it will happen to others.  In this book, I maintain that we owe those who serve our country the same protection that all private citizens enjoy under the Constitution ... We will never achieve change unless we show our strength in numbers.

I hope the facts and circumstances in this book will convince the reader that the Feres Doctrine is the most unjust law in this nation.  Any law that accommodates abuse of power and of the constitutionally guaranteed rights of  military men and women must be rendered unconstitutional ... I hope the lessons I've learned as stated in the Appendix will be beneficial to all honorable military members who face abuse of power during their careers."

Proceeds from "Beyond the Scope of Justice" will fund our nationwide petition drive.  To review the book's Table of Contents go to:  BEYOND THE SCOPE OF JUSTICE WEBSITE


The following book review comments are provided for your information.  We thank all those who took the time to express their opinions.

- Jim ("Doc") Perry, Vietnam Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient

"Jeff, it has been a pleasure to meet you.  Our friendship has only just begun.  Susan and I know how special things are meant to be.  Keep up the good work.  One man can start a mission but the team you gather through the path of life will help you complete the mission.  Duty, Honor, Country!"

- David Smallwood, Chairman, United States Council on Veterans Affairs (USCOVA)

"He was going to do it and he did; he wrote one hell of a book on the touchy subject of the Feres Doctrine. USCOVA suggests that [the reader] share the knowledge found in Mr. Trueman's book with any young man or woman who is considering service to their country.  This is information is critical for the American people to know and USCOVA thanks you for helping to get out the word!"

- Glenn (Major Mac) McDonald, Editor in Chief, Military Corruption.Com

"Every member of the House and Senate Armed Forces Committee should be made to READ Jeff Trueman's excellent book: BEYOND THE SCOPE OF JUSTICE. Then, maybe something might be done about the frequent ABUSES inflicted on our service members under the corrupted UCMJ and the odious Feres Doctrine.  If you want to get angry, just read BEYOND THE SCOPE OF JUSTICE."

- Meho Hukarevic Sr., Vietnam Veteran, Society member of the 173rd(ABN) Brigade:  R.V.N. 67-69

"Jeff Trueman's book ( Beyond The Scope Of Justice) is a masterpiece in exposing abuses in our military as well as the political arena. It's a awakening to a call for UNITY for the welfare of those oppressed. Thank you Brother Dale, Trueman and their loved one's for having the courage to lead this effort against injustice at all levels of society. WE are truly our Brother's keeper's, and we must keep the check's and balances in order.  VERPA is a sincere group of caring individual's that I believe will grow in many field's of Advocacy for those that all but gave up on our present Judicial system.  The time to act is NOW! Read what VERPA stands for.   We already see what is happening to the present one's that gave some or all of themselves for their fellow American's! I'm honored to be part of this mission for mankind."

- Unknown Reader, Philadelphia, PA

A very informative book, especially for those in the armed forces. Anyone who knows how the government works knows this book is so true to form. If you find something not right in the government or the armed forces don't dare tell anyone or they will try to make you look incompetent. They have doctors that will say your mental and don't know what your talking about. That's what seem to happen to Jeff. It's a sad day when you can't trust the very people you're supposed to look up to. Way to go Jeff, I hope everyone reads this book."

Pending Books

VERPAP is presently producing the following titles:

(1) "Quest for Justice, (Copyright (c) 2001, VERPA)," a compelling story of one Vietnam Veteran's twelve year fight to clear his name in the wake of an unlawful police shooting in the State of Michigan;

(2), "Wake Up Call, A Demand For Fairness and Justice Within the Department of Veterans Affairs, (Copyright (c) 2001, VERPA)," a book combining injuries and injustices veterans experienced in the VA;

(3), "The King Can Do No Wrong, (Copyright (c) 2001, VERPA)," a book intended to promote the Veterans' Reform Movement in America.


If you would like more information about VERPAP, go to:  VERPA PUBLISHING WEBSITE
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