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"Veterans For Equal Justice Under Law"         


"When We assumed the Solider, We did not lay aside the Citizen"
General George Washington, New York Legislature, 1775


We incorporated on December 10, 1999, with the belief that "We who defend the Constitution should receive equal protection under it."    If any one historical quote justifies this position, it is that of General Washington as cited above.

Primary Objective

Our primary objective was to establish a union for "rank and file" military dependents to provide "procedural guidance" to armed forces personnel who expose fraud, waste and abuse for the good of the nation.   However, over the past two years while setting the foundation to make VERPA a viable and credible veterans' organization, we realized the long arm of the Feres Doctrine does not discriminate against just enlisted personnel.  Hence, we now see ourselves as honorable enlisted veterans and families working jointly with honorable officers and their loved ones for a common cause ... JUSTICE!  

In the "veterans' community," respect for the achievements of all who took an oath to defend our nation, carried out that oath and faced injustice is our common bond.

Primary Issue

On April 20, 1999, our founder, Jeffrey A. Trueman, filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court to challenge the constitutionality of the "Feres Doctrine."  In the petition, Trueman attempted to compel the high court to invoke its "supervisory powers" to determine if public officials in the Executive and Legislative branches of the government during the Clinton Administration, were turning a blind eye to human/constitutional rights abuses within the military's mental health and justice systems.

By a vote of 9-0, Trueman's petition was denied review!   Although, Trueman knew he had an uphill battle, he reasonably believed that at least Justice Scalia and Stevens would have voted in the affirmative in light of  the dissenting opinion in U.S v . Johnson -

"Feres was wrongly decided and heartily deserves the
'widespread, almost universal criticism' it has received."

The Intended Purpose of The Feres Doctrine

In the wake of the high court's decision, Trueman realized that the Feres Doctrine's grant of "sovereign/offical immunity" since 1950, has allowed for unthinkable injury and injustice to American servicemembers and their loved ones.  For the past half century, the justification of the Feres Doctrine, a (judicial body of law) was to prevent the disruption of "good order and discipline" with the United States Armed Forces.  However, the intended purpose of the law has been used to the benefit of abusive/
incompetent military commanders, doctors, lawyers and investigators within the DOD.   Moreover, if injury or injustice can be covered up under this body of law arising within our armed forces, any reasonable person would assume it would allow for said injustices to go ignored within the VA.  Frankly speaking, it does!

Although, the status quo has always maintained that allowing servicemembers' to file lawsuits to protect their human/constitutional rights would disrupt good order and discipline and hinder a military commander's ability to lead in time of war or national emergency.  WE DO NOT ADVOCATE QUESTIONING AUTHORITY, UNLESS ORDERS ARE CLEARLY UNLAWFUL!    What we do however, advocate the enforcement of existing federal laws to remove corrupted officials who use their rank or positions for self-gain and personal agendas.

We Paid The Price, You Do Not Have Too

If you are the parent of an active duty armed forces member, young American contemplating joining the military, we advise you to join our fight to compel the United States Congress act with respect to the Feres Doctrine!  If  you never heard of the Feres Doctrine, we hope you will continue to review our site and sign our nationwide petition to assist us in bringing "accountability and integrity," to the DOD and VA.   As Thomas Jefferson once stated:

"The spirit to resistance of government is so valuable on certain occasions."

We at VERPA believe the "Feres Doctrine" is one of these occasions!