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"Veterans For Equal Justice Under Law"         

VERPA, "Veterans for Equal Justice Under Law," incorporated on December 10, 1999,under the laws of the State of Minnesota. Certificate of Incorporation, Corporate Charter Number:  1U-578.

Presently, we are establishing "field offices" in each of the fifty United States.

Although, VERPA's motto is -"Veterans for Equal Justice under Law," we know all to well an injury or injustice to any American Veteran, effects the lives of all those near and dear to them.  Hence, VERPA's objective is to unite all Veterans, Families and Friends to become the Nation's most powerful "independent" Veterans' Rights Advocacy!  And we are well on our way  to achieve our goal to secure Veterans obtain equal access to the federal judiciary!

Our operations are two phased; (1), VERPA is our "advocacy arm" and (2), VERPAP is our "publishing arm."  Combining the two separate but equally important operations, will ultimately lead to reforms  in the DOD and VA legal and medical systems to ensure all Veterans with bona fide claims of injury or injustice caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of any employee within the federal government, acting within the scope of his or her office or employment, will provide for equity and due process within the federal judiciary under the provisions of Public Law, Title 28, Chapter 171, "Tort Claims Procedure."

Presently, the "Feres Doctrine" denies Veterans and their loved ones equal access to the federal courts under the Federal Torts Claim Act of 1946.  Hence, until we compel the United States Congress to afford Veterans and our loved ones "equal justice under law," VERPA will take our fight to the only court available to "US," the "Court of Public Opinion."

Our Organizational Structure

Our organization consists of two separate but equally important agencies to include VERPA & VERPAP.  


VERPA is our "advocacy arm" and  is tasked with conducting the nationwide petition drive to reform or repeal the Feres Doctrine.  We know, for the past half century, the Feres decision has allowed for  unthinkable human/constitutional of American servicemembers.  We believe, the Doctrine is the root of all evil and allows for intentional and malicious abuses within the armed forces' command, legal and medical systems.    Essentially, the Doctrine's grant of sovereign/official immunity to DOD officials whose conduct, if undertaken in the civilian world, would lead to both criminal and civil liability.

The time has come for this body of law to be brought to the attention of the American People, for the good of our nation!   For those who don't believe this law can impact their lives, here is some food for thought:  Lawmakers in Congress for the past couple of years have been discussing reviving the draft. Hence, for the public to remain silent on this issue, the long arm of the Feres Doctrine may extend its reach into many unsuspecting American families.

The "Feres Doctrine" is VERPA's major issue with advocating equal justice for veterans' and their loved ones and the institution of a "Civilian Review Board" is the solution to hold DOD and VA public servants accountable for their wrongful conduct.


VERPAP is our "publishing arm" of operations.    Our theory to be viable for years to come depends upon successfully publishing books for veterans and their loved ones.  As of 2001, we have fully established the necessary contacts within the book publishing & distribution industry.    (PLEASE CLICK ONTO THE VERPAP LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PENDING PROJECTS.)

We Are A Progressive Organization

VERPA is a progressive veterans' rights advocacy that will amend our operations to address important issues that negatively impact veterans within the DOD and VA.