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"Veterans For Equal Justice Under Law"         



The Constitution of the United States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land and
superior to any ordinary act of the legislature, including Congress,
any law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void

Marbury v. Madison (1803)

I.  To Educate the Public Of The Feres Doctrine

- Without question, the Feres Doctrine is a body of law that must be exposed for the good of the nation and unsuspecting servicemembers and their loved ones.    To achieve this goal, we are sponsoring the nationwide petition drive to educate the public of this chilling law.   To begin the process of reforming the DOD and VA, the Feres Doctrine must go!  Hence, here are some proposed action we can achieve if the nation holds officials in the DOD and VA accountable.

II.  Establish VERPA Field Offices Around The Nation

- In connection with our nationwide petition drive to reform/repeal the Feres Doctrine, by the end of Calendar Year 2001, we hope to have in place field representatives in each of the fifty United States.   Our field representatives will collect bona fide claims of human/constitutional rights abuses from veterans or their surviving loved ones for consolidation and submission with our Feres Doctrine petition and proposed legislation to Congress.

III.  Proposed Legislation to Right The Wrongs Under the Feres Doctrine

- We propose special legislation entitled the Feres Doctrine Compensation Act (FDCA).  This law will provide financial compensation to right the wrongs for a half century of human/constitutional rights abuses under this law.  All veterans or their surviving loved ones who can prove a bona fide claim of injury or injustice dismissed in federal court qualify for compensation under this Act.   These claims must arising from an official act sounding in intentional or malicious conduct, legal or medical malpractice and human experimentation.  Consideration of claims and disbursement of monies will be the jurisdiction of the United States Court of Federal Claims.

IV. Proposed Legislation known as the Military Ethical Review Act (MERA)

- This legislation will result in the rename the Military Whistleblower Protection Act to MERA.  The objective is to remove the stigma that honorable men and woman who stand tall to corruption are narcs and rats.  

- This legislation will lead to the repeal of the Feres Doctrine, with exception to the "incident to service bar" on combat injuries.   (Overall, VERPA intends to advocate closing of all VA hospitals and issuing veterans' identification cards to utilize their local doctors and hospitals to treat service-connected disabilities.)  VERPA believes, the billions of dollars that will be saved by closing VA medical facilities will fund our legislative initiatives.

In addition, the MERA will provide for:

    -   Consolidation of all military inspectors generals under one command, with direct supervision by the Department of Justice (DOJ);

    -   Consolidation of all military corrections boards under one command with direct supervision by the United States Court of Appeal for the Armed Forces.   


The object of the above stated proposed objectives are intended to rid "corruption" from the DOD and VA.   Of course, as the petition progress so will our proposed legislation.

Overall, the entire United States Government to include the DOD and VA are "owned" and "funded" by the American people. To be afforded the honor of holding tremendous power in our government and to abuse that power for personal or political agendas at the cost of our loved ones' human/civil rights, is the reason "Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy" exists.

Where there is power there is greed if those in positions of such power are not kept in check. Hence, we realized that to rid our government of the "criminal element", a nationwide union for veterans and our loved ones must be established.

We at VERPA and many other independent veterans' rights organizations are heading this effort!