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VERPA Exposure

October 1999
ABC's 20/20 - "An Abuse of Power?"

January 2000
Front page feature - Stars and Stripes

August 2000
"Beyond the Scope of Justice" receives
Barnes & Noble retail store placement contract

August 2000
Invitation 18th Annual Kokomo, IN
Vietnam Veterans Reunion

November 2000
Invitation to display book during
Veterans Day Weekend
Washington, DC

"We are grateful to all those who have helped us promote the fight to ensure honorable men and women in our military received "equal justice under law".


Upcoming Events

New York Times
book critic review

February 2001 (Tent.)
Book Promotion/Interview
USCOVA Las Vegas, NV

May 2000 2001
1st Annual Military Injustice Conference
Levenworth, KS


We hope to hold our 1st Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA or NY 2001!



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