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VERPA has now completed its first year of operations. We have come a long way without any outside funding. We have solely conducted our operations by expending our own monies.

We know that our idea of producing books for other veterans and their families denied justice because of "Feres" will not only provide families with financial compensation and piece of mind, although, no amount of money can bring back lost lives, limbs, dignity, etc. However, we also realize to start accepting cases to guide military personnel who feel reporting fraud, waste and abuse is their duty, hiring lawyers, etc., we need to obtain our 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption status in CY 2001. We are presently in the process of undertaking this important aspect of our operations.

We believe, in time, publishing books will provide the necessary funding to achieve reform to hold those who abuse their powers accountable for violating the human/constitutional rights of honorable Americans in the armed forces. Our goal is to become the most powerful publishing solely owned and operated by veterans, families and friends of VERPA throughout the United States of America.


We are in the early stages of preparations for our second title; "WAKE UP CALL:  A Demand for Fairness and Justice within the Veterans Administration"  Overall, the book will educate the public of the "horrific" treatment of veterans under the present statutory law (Public Law, Title 38, et seq.)  Proceeds proceeds from the book will be provided to participating families after costs of production are finalized.   

Below, we will now provide you with information about our first title. Without question, the major benefit of the book is its "Lessons Learned". Simply stated, until the "doctrine" is reformed the information in the lessons learned are invaluable to military personnel and young Americans
contemplating joining the United States Armed Forces.

bookcover.jpg"Stop allowing U.S. citizens to lose their constitutional rights when they enlist into the military."

Knowledge is Power and "Beyond the Scope of Justice" is the first book in America to address the touchy subject of the "Feres Doctrine."

The book can best be described by the words of Barbara Walters in the introduction of ABC's 2/20 expose' "Abuse of Power?":

"You will find the story we are about to show you very hard to believe I think. Indeed we consider it explosive! It's about the U.S. Military and the awesome power it can use to strike back at personnel who are in any way critical, even when their criticism may be in the best interests of the country."


In a nutshell, Feres allows for medical malpractice, abuse of power, and human rights violations to go unchecked with the Armed Forces of the United States of America. The ruling know as the Feres Doctrine allows military officers to dismiss legitimate complants of gross mismangement and abuse of power simply by relegating troublesome persons to the military's mental health or alcoholism treatment programs and then eliminating them from the military.


Chapter 1:
I've Got a Name
"I'm not a number I am an American citizen"

Chapter 2:
A Free People Must Always Criticize Abuse of Power
How the Feres Doctrine allows abuse of power to go unchecked in the U.S. Armed Forces

Chapter 3:
Military Medical Malpractice
The unethical and unlawful practice of evil medicine

Chapter 4:
Outrageous and Egregious Conduct
Obstruction of justice in the military's investigative and legal processes

Chapter 5:
Beginning Anew
Finding the positives out of the negatives

Chapter 6:
Turning the Blind Eye
A justice system which condones injustice

Chapter 7:
A Future Patriot Sums it All Up
"And liberty and justice for all"

In addition to the above chapters, the book also contains insight on the "Feres" ruling, the actual opinion and most important, "Lessons Learned".

If you are the parent of a loved one contemplating joining the armed forces or presently serving, this book is recommended reading. The information in the book is a seven year journey through the military's chain of command, Members of Congress and the federal judiciary. It is packed with factual information as to how "systemic abuses" and denial of a service members right to "due process" to protect their reputations, career is obstructed due to the "Feres Doctrine".


To review the book's first major endorsement go to Click on "Trueman". Additionally, the book is picking up steam and the reviews from around the nation have been simply wonderful! In addition to the Barnes & Noble retail store contract we obtained in August 1999, the book is also cited at and